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Education is the key to success. We thrive on providing answers and solutions to your questions. Understanding your options and procedures is critical in our eyes. Don’t hesitate to ask your therapist questions regarding your treatment.

Here are some websites you may find helpful:

PLEASE NOTE: The websites listed above are for information only and are in no way a substitute for your physician or physical therapist's course of treatment. Carolina Rehab does not guarantee the validity of any of the information contained in these websites.


Documentation ensures accuracy; thus speeding up the insurance process.

Please bring your insurance cards on your initial visit and arrive 15 minutes early to complete a medical information sheet. If you prefer, you may download this from our website and bring it in when you arrive.

In order to keep costs to a minimum, we request payment for services at the time they are rendered. Carolina Rehab accepts MasterCard, Visa, personal checks and cash.

As a courtesy, we can file insurance claims and/or work with patients to establish an individualized payment plan. We realize payment and insurance issues can be confusing, so our office staff is always happy to answer any questions.