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Physical Therapists Offer Many Benefits for Improved Health

COVID has certainly shown us the importance of health as well as how quickly illness can change our lives. While COVID has been front and center in most people’s thoughts, it isn’t the only illness out there that can be life-changing. Heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and cancer can all be devastating too. To become more […]


Benefits of Physical Therapy and Exercise for Treating Sciatica

According to Spine-health.com, physical therapy and exercise can be very effective in treating sciatica and help strengthen and mobilize tissues in the lower back, pelvis, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. The goals of physical therapy and exercise in treating the signs and symptoms of sciatica include: Restore pain-free functional movement patterns Relieve lower back, buttock, thigh, […]


9 Things Your Physical Therapist Wants You To Know About Aging Well

With the right type and amount of physical activity, we can help stave off many age-related health problems and live life to its fullest. Carolina Rehab Physical Therapy agree that regular physical activity can benefit your physical, mental, and social health, and prevent or improve many chronic conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, depression, […]

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October is National Physical Therapy Month – Learn the Benefits

Ever wondered why you should choose physical therapy? Well, there are a lot of reasons including personalized programs that help address your specific needs and offer long-term benefits.  Physical therapists are movement experts who improve quality of life through hands-on care, patient education, and prescribed movement. Physical therapists, and the licensed physical therapist assistants (PTAs) […]


5 Reasons You Need a PT to Coordinate Your Fitness Regimen

Physical therapists aren’t just for people that are injured or have had surgery. Physical therapists can also help healthy people improve their fitness. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider seeing yours. YOU WANT A BASELINE When you see a physical therapist to improve your fitness, you’ll get an assessment of your strength, range […]


The Top Ten Benefits of Physical Activity

Most Americans do not move enough. The good news is that regular physical activity is one of the easiest ways to reduce your risk for chronic disease and to improve your quality of life. Make physical activity a priority to: Improve your memory and brain function (all age groups). Protect against many chronic diseases. Aid in […]


Physical Therapy Is an Effective Option for Pain Management 

Physical therapy not only focuses on providing pain relief but also helps improve strength, mobility, and balance for a better quality of life. It is a safer, long-term option than pain medications and addresses discomfort from a variety of conditions, including: Accidents or injuries Post-Surgical Recovery Rheumatoid Arthritis Osteoarthritis Myofascial Pain Degenerative Disc Disease Thoracic […]