Having proper posture is critically important to avoid back pain from sitting. With many individuals working from home, the daily routine of getting up in the office for lunch, a quick walk, or a cup of coffee have been put on hold, and a sedentary lifestyle is in full force. As Dr. James Levine from the Mayo Clinic states, “sitting is the new smoking” since sitting leads to various health risks and overall pain, especially in your back. 

Recent research has shown that long hours of sitting and little movement can change your body’s metabolism — slowing down 90 percent after just 30 minutes of it. What happens when you are active is that enzymes that move the bad fat from your arteries to your muscles — where it can be burned off — slow down. When you’re sitting down, you’re also not utilising the muscles in your lower body. Sitting also reportedly makes the body less sensitive to insulin, so you aren’t burning calories as fast, as well as lowers good cholesterol.

Sitting down for long periods, especially with bad posture, can create long term pain and health problems. Regular exercise and stretching is key to combatting these issues, along with a disciplined workout. While working from home, you might find yourself going from your bed to a desk chair, to a couch to relax, and back to bed. Mix up your day with short walks around the neighborhood or simply stretching out a few times a day will reduce many health risks and the risk of long term back pain. 

If you have back pain from bad posture, contact a physical therapist to develop a proactive plan on learning proper prosture and to gain strength in the process. 

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