Physical Therapists Help With COVID Recovery, Pain Relief, Movement

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The pandemic put health and healthcare providers in sharp focus. EMTs, doctors, nurses, and aides have all worked tirelessly to save lives, treat symptoms, and help control the spread of COVID-19. But what happens when people survive the disease,…

Back Pain Management During Pregnancy

By Joshua Abrams, DO Pregnancy can be one of the most joyful experiences, but it can also come with aches and pains. Lower back pain, in particular, is a common part of pregnancy for many women. For example, according to a review, over…

Addressing Movement Dysfunction to Prevent Pain and Injury

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With COVID-19 restrictions changing, many people are trying to get back to their fitness routines - or even start new fitness habits. Exercise can be a struggle, but it shouldn't be painful. If you can run a good time in a 5k, but have aches…

Best Stretches to Do After a Run, According to a Physical Therapist

If you run regularly, you’re no stranger to tight, sore muscles and the occasional injury. In addition to regular strength training coupled with proper nutrition and sleep, the right stretches after a run can help your muscles cool down and…

Why You Should See Your Physical Therapist to Reach Your Fitness Goals

Physical therapists (PTs) aren't just for people that are injured or have had surgery. Physical therapists can also help healthy people improve their fitness and seeing a PT has many benefits. When you work with a physical therapist to improve…

Physical Therapists Help with Strength, Motion, Flexibility, Balance and More

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Physical activity has a well-known and impressive list of benefits. These include but aren't limited to controlling weight, improving sleep, improving mood and reducing depression, protecting against diseases like diabetes, some cancers, strokes,…

Physical Therapists Diagnose Movement “Illnesses”

For people who are sick, going to the doctor and getting a diagnosis is common sense. But who do you see for diagnosis if you've got a movement "illness"? If your knee hurts when you go hiking, you can't get on and off the floor to play with…

TRICARE’s Pilot Program Deems Physical Therapy as “High Value” Treatment for Low Back Pain

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Back pain is a huge problem in developed nations worldwide. It has or will affect most of us. The current estimate is that 80% of people will experience back pain at least once. It's also expensive. Back and neck pain makes up the biggest healthcare…

Physical Therapists Offer Many Benefits for Improved Health

COVID has certainly shown us the importance of health as well as how quickly illness can change our lives. While COVID has been front and center in most people's thoughts, it isn't the only illness out there that can be life-changing. Heart…