Carolina Rehab is OPEN and welcoming patients!

We are committed to serving our community.

The Department of Homeland Security has identified Carolina Rehab as an essential business and recommended we remain open to help people recover and avoid hospital services.  As some hospital physical therapy departments have limited hours, our Statesville office will remain open to serve patient physical therapy needs.

We are dedicated to providing the community with accurate information direct from the CDC and WHO. Our office is following precautions set forth by the CDC.

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Suspect the Coronavirus? Should you come in to the office or stay home?

If you have flu like symptoms AND have traveled to an affected area or have been in contact with an infected person, you are at risk for having the Coronavirus. If you suspect the virus, you should wear a protective mask to ensure the virus does not spread to those around you. You should be assessed by a medical professional to confirm the virus. Please call the office ahead of time to ensure they are prepared for your arrival. If the virus is confirmed, you will be quarantined. The Coronavirus has a 14 day incubation period. To ensure to virus does not spread, stay in isolation during that time.

More information:

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)