Backaches are painful, annoying, and hinder your productivity levels. There are different daily habits that you can change up to help ease your back pain symptoms. 

There are various reasons one could be suffering from back pain. Is your mattress too old? Do you hunch over your laptop? Have you had a recent injury? Here’s how you could relieve the ache. In order to relieve back pain, one must relieve pressure, reduce any straining, and protect the spine.

A few of the daily habits that could help ease your back pain symptoms include:

  • Maintaining good posture – If you are slumped over your desk for many hours a time, having proper posture will keep the shoulders rounding and straining on your back. By investing in an adjustable chair, you can change the height and position, so your back is straight. 
  • Make your knees lower than your hips – Using a footrest will keep your knees lower than your hips, preventing tension. Also, try not to cross your legs since it can lead to many posture tension problems. 
  • Stretch and move – Get up from your desk to stretch and move. Stretching your arms, back, and shoulders will help with preventing back pain. Take a walk around your building or neighborhood to get fresh air. 

By changing these small habits, you will start to experience less back pain, and sitting down for work will no longer be uncomfortable. If your back pain continues for many weeks, contact your doctor or physical therapist to develop a treatment plan to learn about adjusting posture and other habits. 

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