It is no secret that gaining strength back has been a topic when recovering from COVID-19. While patients are fighting this infection either at home or in the hospital, there’s a concern for their strength in recovery. Physical therapy has been known to help many patients, including ones with small falls or in post-operative care. Physical therapy has proven to be helpful when recovering from the pandemic in post-COVID-19 care. 

Lately, patients aren’t just older; like 74-year-old Cynthia Fostle, some are recovering from COVID-19… It’s widely known that the respiratory virus hits cardiovascular systems, especially hard. Oxygen levels are checked often during post-COVID physical therapy.

Extended time in the hospital puts significant wear and tear on the body. Learning how to find your balance, breathing correctly, and gaining your strength back is critical for recovery. Physical therapists develop a plan for you, based on your own needs and benefit you in the long term. 

Contact Carolina Rehab and discuss recovery options for your health. Your plan will be developed on a customizable basis, and we have many areas of focus within our practice.

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