Why is Physical Therapy Important After Surgery

Physical therapists are experts addressing the needs of patients following surgeries involving joints, muscles, and other soft tissues. Post-surgical physical therapy is a critical part of your recovery plan.

What is the Purpose of Physical Therapy? 

The team at Carolina Rehab works with medical providers and patients to help them achieve optimal physical function following a surgical procedure. Our role is to assist patients build their strength and mobility safely. 

Your first visit at Carolina Rehab will include discussing your condition, your surgery, and medical history. We will evaluate your physical strength, range of motion, coordination, and motor function, along with a variety of other key metrics to establish your unique recovery plan. 

The Problem of Non-Compliance with Physical Therapy

There are many cases where a patient is non-compliant with physical therapy. Whether they choose not to be consistent with their appointments – or completely opt-out, patients short change their long-term success from surgery by not making physical therapy part of the process. Physical therapy reintroduces and reinforces proper movement in a way that best benefits recovery.

Some patients fear that physical therapists will push them too far and be a painful or even harmful experience. The truth is quite the opposite. Physical therapists are here to facilitate recovery, not hinder it or cause additional injury. Feedback from our patients before, during, and after therapy is key to finding the right pace to fit their specific needs. Our physical therapists watch and listen during therapy sessions to modify treatment as needed. 

Why is Physical Therapy Important After Surgery? 

Physical therapy is critically important as a form of treatment recovering from surgery. After intense procedures such as hip surgery, there is a dramatic difference in a range of motion and everyday functioning in a patient that went to physical therapy versus one who did not. 

Bones, muscles, and soft tissues have a period of healing after surgery. All require a gentle but deliberate approach to recovery. Otherwise, range of motion, flexibility, function, and overall outcome of the surgery can be affected. 

You can trust the dedicated team at Carolina Rehab to be a part of your successful post-surgical recovery.