It happens to the best of us, we wake up, and our knees are cracking while you are going down the stairs. The thing with knee cracking, painless or not, can mean a variety of issues that should be taken into consideration. 

Singh says the intensity of the crack’s sound follows the same principle; if there is no pain associated with it, you should not be concerned. However, if you have had a recent trauma to your knee and your knee started to crack after that event, you should see a doctor even in the absence of pain.

Knees cracking can come from multiple different sources, including:

  • The knee cap does not fit well and can produce a crack while jogging or walking 
  • If specific muscles are too tight, such as the quadriceps, can pull the kneecap that affects its movement 
  • If cartilage or meniscus has degenerated and the knee joint is no longer smooth, it can lead to various knee cracks

The knee cap cracking is generally not a bad sign, since it means that the kneecap is lubricated and mobile, the exact opposite of what happens during arthritis. The knee cap could also be misaligned, which can be fixed with specific movements directed by a physical therapist. 

If you are concerned with knee cracking or want to learn about stretches or movements to help with your knee cracking, contact our office for customized physical therapy services. 

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